Iconic hotel and restaurant packaging never gets thrown away.


Signature packaging and supplies have the potential to carry your brand experience far from home. When successfully integrated with your marketing strategy, print collateral creates a real world connection with your online properties. From special promotions to old standbys like table talkers, one-pagers, and postcards, creative promotional items delight prospects and convert customers into enthusiasts.

In the hands of imaginative influencers, your iconic menus and cleverly branded coffee cups become the stuff of Instagram legend. They showcase your venue and raise brand awareness long after your patrons have paid their bill. Even the humble door-hanger, elevated by surprising design, finds new life as a brand ambassador when it’s displayed on the office door of a enchanted guest. She’s still dreaming about her next stay with you, and now her colleagues are, too.

Your brand’s packaging, supplies, and print collateral form a tangible connection with your patrons. They showcase more than your logo. They showcase your commitment to customer satisfaction.

When RedCap Digital crafts bespoke packaging solutions for New York and New Jersey’s boutique hotels and restaurants, we’ve got more than marketing in mind. We’re imagining all of the ways that your patrons might carry those products out into the world - along with your brand identity. Our supplies are more than promotional materials. They’re souvenirs of your customers’ best memories. The ones they formed with you.


When you partner with RedCap Digital, your iconic packaging will become your most persuasive and enduring brand champion.

RedCap packaging and supply design services include the creation, branding, packaging, and distribution of:

  • Print Collateral
  • Restaurant and Hotel Packaging
  • Restaurant and Hotel Supplies
  • Cross-media Marketing
  • Hotel Destination Guides
  • Promotional Items
  • Amenities Packaging
  • Printed Food Packaging
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